Apr 3, 2011

Work In Progress.

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. How long have you been looking at me? Stop it, that's creepy.

So, you might be looking for Joe's Apartment. I'm afraid that place is gone. Yeah, it closed down a few months ago. I know, there was no fanfare, it just sort of faded away. Such is life, I suppose. You can still read any of what was posted there here. There's some classics, for sure, and no shortage of nerdery.

My favorite form of nerdery is comic book nerdery. Always has been, and probably always will be. I enjoy reading comics, talking about comics, and making comics. That last one is sort of what inspired this little format change.

I made a comic last year, a short, 8-page thing called Post-Script. I wrote and drew it, and my pal Jason Young drew the cover for it. I'm really proud of the story, even if I think there are things I could improve or expand upon. I think it definitely reads like a 'first comic.'

What I'm not terribly happy with is the art. It's pretty bad. I think it improves over the course of the eight pages, though. The more that I draw, the better (or, at least, more comfortable) I get, I think, if not by leaps and bounds but by little increments. I believe that, some day, I will be a pretty decent artist.

So that's what this revamp is for. I'm going to post drawings, talk about learning to draw, and as I work on stuff for comics and what-not I'll post stuff about that. It'll be partly about the process of making a comic, once I get to that, but mostly it'll be about me trying to improve as an artist. Some of the stuff that's going to go up here is going to be, I'm sure, awful. But hopefully it'll all lead somewhere good.

If you're reading this on an RSS feed, you won't see the full revamp - you'll have to click through to get the full effect (I know, what a pain in the ass). I hope you'll check it out, though, and that you'll join me for what will hopefully be a fun ride. Maybe you'll learn something, too, though I make no promises.

Goodbye, Joe's Apartment. Hello, Work In Progress.


Eric said...

I for one am interested in signing up for your newsletter.

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Jason said...

Go Joe Go!!!

kat said...

What Jennie said!!!!!!

Bill Grunenwald said...

I bet you will faint to find that I, your Dad, have checked out your blog! Very cool!

Heather Anne Hogan said...

YES! I love the new design too!